At 44 Wealth, you are not a number—you are part of our growing family.

If you are looking ahead to retirement, managing a business, growing your family, or facing any challenging financial situation, we are here to help you plan your financial future on your own terms.

44 Wealth’s approach to financial planning is based on understanding your goals for each of these eight key areas of your financial life:


Exploring current and future funding opportunities for education and experiences for your children and grandchildren; funding care for your parents and extended family; and family legacy opportunities.


Planning so you will be able to experience life to the fullest and in purposeful ways through travel, hobbies, and pursuits that interest you.


Managing your healthcare expenses today, anticipating future expenses, and insuring for the unknown.


Utilizing asset allocation and debt management to make sure your home is the one you want, and assisting you with any potential cash flow, mortgage, or loan needs, when you are ready to transition to a bigger or smaller, first or second home.

Humanitarian Interests

Investing in volunteer work, mentorship programs, or outreach, with donations of your time, talent, and treasure.

Investing in Self

Continuing your education, working towards a graduate degree, adding a new language or skill, interested in personal growth, self-improvements, or following your passions.


Understanding your current work, any potential role work may play in retirement, and business-related aspirations and how they may affect your lifestyle and retirement funding.


Exploring and defining each of the above to understand and then build a personal and customized financial plan for you to enjoy reaching your goals.

Pre-Retirees + Retirees

As you are looking ahead to retirement, or making the transition from your career soon, we will focus with you on maximizing retirement benefits, insurance, and estate planning. We can work together to plan for lifestyle maintenance, as well as for large future expenses, so you will be ready.

Services for you may include a combination of:
  • Forecasting - anticipating returns, spending, and expected lifestyle so we can make smart decisions with you today.
  • Assessing - considering plans for future large purchases, such as a second home, so any potential impact is included in current planning for your retirement.
  • Transitioning - managing your investment portfolio so it aligns with needed returns in anticipation of your financial transition away from a monthly salary.
  • Insurance Planning - evaluating your medical and long-term care insurance needs, understanding that your corporate insurance coverage policy will end.
  • Tax Planning - partnering with your tax advisor to prepare for shifts in your tax exposure post-retirement.
  • Social Security Planning - maximizing your social security income as part of your overall plan.
  • Estate Planning - coordinating with your estate attorney to ensure proper plans are in place.

Suddenly Single

If you find yourself single by the loss of a spouse or partner or by divorce, we will work with you to manage your new financial future. 44 Wealth is uniquely prepared to guide you through this financial uncertainty by helping you establish new financial goals and setting you on the path for continued success. 44 Wealth Team member Holly Matus holds the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) designation. A CDFA® is an expert on the financial aspects of divorce. Financial Professionals with this designation are not lawyers, but they are able to assist the client, alongside their attorney, to understand how the financial decisions and plans made today will impact the client’s financial future and goals. To learn more about the CDFA® and Holly, please visit her profile.

Services for you may include a combination of:
  • Organizing - helping you gather and categorize the necessary financial documents and information so your life can move forward.
  • Goal Setting - building a full wealth picture including assets, income, and spending, as you navigate uncharted waters.
  • Partnering - connecting you with attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, and other advisors, so you have a cohesive team working in your best interest.
  • Estate Planning - coordinating with your estate attorney to ensure documents are current and important plans are in place that safeguard your assets, and reflect your intentions and directives.

Suddenly Wealthy

If you have inherited an estate, have a sudden cash infusion, or sold significant assets creating an opportunity for investments, we will partner with you so you can maximize your financial opportunities. Sudden wealth can be overwhelming; 44 Wealth is here for you as your trusted financial advisor.

Services for you may include a combination of:
  • Assessing - taking a deep dive into your new financial circumstances and considering how it impacts your overall wealth outlook.
  • Transitioning - strategizing to maximize your assets and budgeting for potential lifestyle changes, investments, and other financial needs, present and future.
  • Partnering - connecting you with attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, and other advisors so you have a team working together in your best interest.
  • Estate Planning - coordinating with your estate attorney to ensure proper plans are in place.

Business Owners

As a business owner, your time is filled with daily operations, managing employees, and planning for the future of your business. 44 Wealth will partner with you to help you handle financial issues and opportunities, contributing to the leadership you need to provide the financial security you desire.

Services for you may include a combination of:
  • Managing Corporate Cash - working with you to manage your temporary or long-term excess cash so it is safe, liquid, and working for you. Possible options through our partnership with Pershing include money market funds, certificates of deposit, and business checking accounts.
  • Retirement Planning - collaborating with you to offer your employees a retirement plan, including determining if a trustee or participant-directed plan is best for your situation, and keeping both your tax and economic benefits in mind.
  • Key-Person Insurance Consulting - preparing you for the unexpected to protect your business from the catastrophic loss of a key person, because intellectual capital and institutional knowledge cannot be easily or quickly replaced.

Next Generation

44 Wealth is experienced in financial planning for multi-generational families, including educating children and grandchildren, so they can be fiscally responsible and ready to manage their own money and any money they may inherit. If you are a new client and would like to create your financial plan with future generations in mind, we are ready to help you get started.

Services for you may include a combination of:
  • Family Entity Structuring - working with estate attorneys and accountants to develop the perfect mix of trusts and other family entities to achieve your goals, transfer property over time, and minimize tax exposure.
  • Reporting - providing 24/7 online access to your full financial picture, including different logins for family members and others at your discretion.
  • Administering - taking care of money movement, tracking, and communication with your accountant to ease the burden on your family as you navigate your complex finances.
  • Educating - providing personalized resources for your children and grandchildren and coordinating agendas for family financial meetings.
  • Reviewing - discussing current insurance coverage and coordinating with agents, so your coverage is just right for your family needs.
  • Advising - acting as a sounding board for reviewing investment opportunities and advice you receive from family, friends, and outside resources, so you can vet the ideas through the lens of your whole financial picture and evaluate what is in your best interest.

Live life on your own terms.

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